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45+ digital restaurant brands on 5+ delivery apps from 10+ culinary centers to service 1000+ digital storefronts direct-to-consumer and on all major delivery apps for an audience of 8m+ customers.

building success

revolutionary approach utilizing diverse complementary skill sets 

digital presence

Each brand maintains a robust online presence with curated menus, high-end social media content and user-friendly websites. An increasing number are crossing over to a brick + mortar presence as dine-in restaurants.

dynamic team

An experienced management team in hospitality, culinary, technology, media, finance and human resources has been assembled.

innovative technology

Our in-house tech team is creating a proprietary technology platform and has already acquired and developed tools for integrated brand management, social media, order fulfilment and analytics.

technology meets food

The intersection of technology and hospitality creates the opportunity to address an enormous, fragmented, and highly dynamic market. Diners seek convenience, choice, delicious meals, and a relationship with the restaurant(s) on their own terms and timetable.

our growth

rapidly growing

Eighteen months since launch, we operate 10 culinary centers (+2 about to open) servicing +/- 50% of the Greater Los Angeles market from 8 am until 2 am, 365 days a year.

Each culinary center features a brick + mortar branded storefront and cooks 33+ digital brands for delivery and pickup.  The majority also offer on-site restaurant dining.

our people

winning team

Bringing the right people together to revolutionize the food industry. Our passion, drive, and expertise set us apart.